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Import Khan Academy™ assignments into your Google Classroom™ gradebook!

14-day free trial included (no credit card required)


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  • Built on the same platform as Khan2Canvas
  • Automatically create assignments in Google Classroom™
  • Customize default title, description, and points format for assignments
  • Scale Khan Academy™ scores to Google Classroom™ assignments
  • Update past Khan Academy™ scores in Google Classroom™
  • Mark Khan Academy™ assignments in Google Classroom™ as missing
  • Mark Khan Academy™ assignments in Google Classroom™ as excused
  • Choose how missing assignments should be handled
  • Choose how 0 score assignments should be handled
  • Set options globally or for individual assignments
  • Filter assignments by name and term dates
  • Send all assignment scores or selected ones
  • Filter assignments from Khan Academy™ based on assignment type
  • Grade assignments on completion, score by due date, or score by best ever
  • Support for cross-listed Google Classroom™ courses and multiple Khan Academy™ classes


  • Each course has a capacity for 200 students and 50 assignments
  • You will need to perform a one-time step of renaming all of your students in Khan Academy™
  • You cannot use assignments already created in Google Classroom™
  • Only the most recent instance of duplicate Khan Academy™ assignments will be recognized
  • Large classes may require manual intervention to continue sending scores
  • Scores for large classes may not immediately update in Canvas
  • You must have the appropriate user rights on Canvas to score assignments
  • Canvas assignments MUST have a due date assigned to them
  • Canvas assignments should be set as “No Submission” assignments