Teaching isn’t easy. Dare I say, it’s actually quite difficult. That’s largely because teaching doesn’t begin or end with teaching. There’s a whole lot of other stuff we have to do: meetings, metrics, phone calls, and grading. And then of course we need to make our lessons. I’ll be honest, I abhore most grading. I started using Khan Academy my first year of teaching. I quickly found entering and updating grades one of the most time consuming parts of my teaching routine. Armed with a computer engineering degree I set out to make a quick spreadsheet that would help me. It’s evolved quite a bit since then, but the goal has been the same: to help teachers spend less time typing in grades so they can focus on more of the teaching.

So, I hope these applications help you. Help you save some time, help you not spend so much time looking your screen, help you get some time back to teach, to prep, or maybe to just do nothing.